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Terms of Use

Forum Acceptable Use

Refunds for coding services are only given in the scenario where the final product served does not function as requested, however bugs will always be attempted to be fixed before a refund is given. Refunds are not given on codings services if the funal product is unprofitable as the code is built to the requester specification. Refunds may be requested where coding has not begun and no time has been spent on the product.

Trading with Our Software

Participation in the forums with other users is a matter of good practice and courtesy to others. The principal purpose of our forum is to encourage discussion relating to trading and coding topics. These discussions are intended to be open and as unfettered as possible.

To that end, we request participants in the forums to follow these basic guidelines as our acceptable use policy:

  1. You cannot upload or otherwise distribute or publish through the forum any matter or material which is or may be considered abusive, pornographic, illegal, defamatory, obscene or racist or which is designed to cause disruption to any computer systems or network.

  2. The forum cannot under any circumstances be used for commercial purposes by any participant. The purpose of the forum is simply to facilitate discussion in respect of the subjects that arise. In effect, the forum is intended to be used for that purpose only and accordingly no participant in the forum may post, publish or distribute material containing any advertising, promotion, solicitation of funds or goods and/or services.

  3. Toolkit for Traders makes every effort to monitor forum discussions and postings.  However,  we cannot guarantee that every message posted in the forums is reviewed by us. Accordingly, we cannot be responsible for the content of the postings and messages.  We hereby reserve the right to remove, or delete, without notice,  postings that in our opinion are abusive, racist, obscene, defamatory, in violation of any intellectual property law, any applicable law, or otherwise unacceptable. Further, we reserve the right to remove the ability of participants to post comments in the event of any breach of these acceptable uses.

  4. We will enforce appropriate sanctions against any of our forum users who are responsible for abuse of the forum. Such sanctions may include, but are not limited to a formal warning,  and/or suspension of access to the forums, or termination of any registration of the user with our site.

  5. Any user who is engaged in posting public messages or spamming (posting the same message in multiple topics or otherwise disrupting the forums) shall be in breach of this acceptable use policy. Such behaviour is unacceptable for any participant of this forum and may result in the user losing their ability to post and participate in the forum.

  6. We have the right to prohibit any users who violate this acceptable use policy from participating in discussions.

  7. You acknowledge that you remain solely responsible for the content of your messages.

  8. We accept no responsibility for loss of data, information in any form or other matters whatsoever which result from the use of the forum.

By participating in the forum you represent that you have read, accept and are bound by this policy.

Please read the risk disclaimer before trading with our software we accept no responsibility for losses made when using our software, whether it is the free software available on the website or the code service that has been requested.

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