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Is this all really free? What's the catch?

It's true, it is all free. There's lots of people out there peddling their paid content; i'm not really interested in adding to them, I think most of them are scammers.

I enjoy trading, coding and teaching (i'm a bit of a geek) so enjoy . 

Can you code my EA/Indicator for free?

Maybe, send your request in (on the coding services page) and i'll have a look. I will either offer to code it for free or offer you a reasonable quote to do it.


Note, I will only consider coding for free if you're willing for your EA/Indicator to be shared with the T4T community.

Can I contribute to the website/channel?

Not at the moment no, I may do a support donation thing in the future but it's cheap to run this site at the mo so I'm happy.

If you'd really like to support the channel and encourage me to do more, get on YouTube and like the videos; subscribe if you haven't already and leave a nice comment on the videos (even a thumbs up makes me smile!)

Can you supply the source code?

IAll the source code I wish to publish is on the download members page. Code I don't publish, you could do yourself if you follow my YouTube courses where I teach everything I know.

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